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Creado por Juan el 31/05/2010 | 13 mensajes | 352 visitas
Hi.. I'm agree with silvia. This thing that you are doing... Living in the UK and want to move to France is such an amazing experience anyone could ever have. I love languages and i decided to... actualizado el 05/07/2011 por Patricia
Creado por sandra lucia el 03/02/2010 | 21 mensajes | 351 visitas
    I think that the friendship is a beautiful feeling. It is a affection true between two or more person. I belive that is less than love but nearly to it. In the friendship should  exist... actualizado el 04/12/2010 por Jose
Creado por Margarita el 09/05/2010 | 9 mensajes | 258 visitas
Lidda Margarita and Mónica, go to   maggievg_06@hotmail. Com  and practice on Mondays, please.... Hugs... Maggie... actualizado el 01/08/2010
Creado por Tony el 14/02/2010 | 13 mensajes | 345 visitas
Hi Tony Hi everybody: Thanks Tony for your invitation to this debate. Let's me comment  the following. When we use a language, we do it by developing the four skills, that is to say: Listening,... actualizado el 16/03/2010 por Juan
Creado por Miguel el 05/02/2010 | 3 mensajes | 188 visitas
Hi Tony:... Let me tell you.... Our group started last sundady night and it's incredible, we have 221 members in  5 days! Such reason no much activity as you say, but everything is ok. Look at all... actualizado el 06/02/2010 por Margarita

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