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Why the universe is expanding?

Ingenieria agronoma calixto garcia
Escrito por Rolando Hernandez Rivero
el 31/01/2012

The universe is expanding at an increasing rate , because we are at the time that he is sucking, bone , which is matched in all other universes communicating and being sniffed, Anchan its walls , but once stable, that could last between 3 300 Earth years, if we do not realize it , we panicked because we see that it is reducing and we would not pretend it is because we aim and throw the excessive amount of cold air pressure and heat generated by all the solar systems and galaxies like the Milky Way , like gases, when they expand or collected , by changing temperatures, these aspirations and stabilization , are hampered by the tunivers often blocked , bend your tubes, by the movement of the universes.
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