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Spanish or English humour

That's english eoi palencia
Escrito por Miguel Manso Juárez
el 05/02/2010

I want to open this debate about the humour, because I am interesred in knowing the sense of humor from English people. In my opinion most Spaniards have a good sense of humour and I think it is much better than English one, but really I do not Know. If the topic is interesting, please write about it. Thanks so much

Escrito por Tony
el 06/02/2010

Hi Miguel.

Just joined the group today and I see there´s no much activity going on. I agree with you, most English people really lack a real sense of humor, kind because their heritage from the English forefathers.

I´m not Spanish myself, but Cuban, and that is the best credential to talk about humor. We, in the midst of our struggles, still find reazon and time to laugh and enjoy life.

Escrito por Margarita
el 06/02/2010

Hi Tony:
Let me tell you.... Our group started last sundady night and it's incredible, we have 221 members in 5 days! Such reason no much activity as you say, but everything is ok. Look at all the documents with a great quality, only for members.

In my personal opinion I adore to have a good sense of humor, I laugh a lot, it's a good medicine.

Miguel Manso Juárez
That's english eoi palencia
Escrito por Miguel Manso Juárez
el 06/02/2010

Hi tony
It is the first time that I share into a internet debate. My English language is a bit poor I am sorry, but I want to tank you to say me about this topic. I have heard English humour is different to Spanish, although it is very subtle and as a result of this is difficult for foreign people to get their jokes, is it?.
I know there are some hour's difference between Cuba and Spain, so I answer you very late.
Best wishes from Miguel