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Lara, Venezuela
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el 05/12/2007
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About ArchestrA Technology

The ArchestrA® architecture is a comprehensive plant automation and information architecture designed from the outset to extend the life of legacy systems by leveraging the latest software technologies.

Offerings built upon this architecture empower decision-makers to achieve their business goals, without abandoning prior investments in automation systems, production processes or intellectual property.

The ArchestrA architecture"s complete approach to industrial architecture significantly reduces a plant"s total cost of ownership through easy installation, operation, modification, maintenance and replication of automation applications.

In the ArchestrA environment, software applications can be rapidly assembled rather than programmed. New applications also can be created simply through the reassembly of existing applications.

The ArchestrA vision is to provide a unified and robust architecture that is the basis for collaborative production systems in support of industrial enterprises. Its open-development platform and tools uniquely enable Invensys and third parties such as OEMs, machine builders and system integrators to build domain knowledge and add significant value to the solutions they provide. End-users and suppliers will benefit from the ArchestrA architecture"s unified approach, which enables the instant integration of application information.

The ArchestrA architecture is the comprehensive industrial automation and information architecture that orchestrates a new way to run or expand older plants more efficiently, and an optimal way to build new plants.

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