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Grupo de Teorias de Rolando, física teórico cuántica y humanista

Long time to communicate with the physical.

Ingenieria agronoma calixto garcia
Escrito por Rolando Hernandez Rivero
el 31/01/2012

I've been a long time wished to inform the world about my theories, but I am self taught, because nobody wants to hear, so you no longer remember, is that the early pioneers in theoretical physics, were without titles, and I have to explain the quality of many things that humanity can not imagine, but a lot of people are stealing ideas and dull for those who want to cooperate, and it saddens me that he was born the era of the theft of ideas and initiatives.
Those who previously had no title, could make laws such as Newton and others who collect large in history, and for me, if these were great, especially Max Planck to the table of powers of 10, which I have added 3 positions at both ends, Albert Einstein, with his perfect equation and many confused, I can also explain how it works and is the 4th dimension as well as exotic superchorros and the galaxy, just as what happens to our solar system, I have also discovered within the family of atoms, an atom is like a belt, but if I take from 95 wanting to contact the world's best universities, magazines, and even particle accelerator, to send you a book to cooperate, but in Spanish, and have not given me answers, and even NASA to send you a book and they sent it back, but nobody listens to me, my book, Testament of the Cosmos makes a brief explanation of my many theories how are the various functions separately and as they join, and also explain why there can be neither the big bang, let alone the infinite, antimatter, never going to find in the universe, because matter is the making a transformation, and in that transformation is when there is antimatter, which is why antimatter is that each single-subject, but still I have hopes that the circle of physicists pay attention to my theories and physics is a discipline understandable to mankind.