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Erika Julieta
Pasante de la licenciatura de lengua i...
Escrito por Erika Julieta Labastida Dyer
el 28/07/2009 | Nivel Avanzado

Yes, we all want to practice our skills, so my suggestione is to follow an order so we can review step by step. My suggestion here is to follow the EXAVER study guide (you can check it in the recent documents). If anyone has material to share or some links that can cover this guide, would be nice to form a group. Specially if some expert wants to guide us throw this and check our writings would be great too!

Jose Luis
Córdoba, España
Escrito por Jose Luis
el 31/07/2009 | Nivel Avanzado

Hi Erika,

Perhaps you could be interested in reading this website. There are a lot of information, tips, advices, etc. About IELTS. I think it’s very useful.

https://www.britishcouncil.org/professionals-exams-ielts-intro. Htm

Have a nice day.

Erika Julieta Labastida Dyer
Pasante de la licenciatura de lengua i...
Escrito por Erika Julieta Labastida Dyer
el 05/08/2009 | Nivel Avanzado

Thanks for the link this is very useful.

Juan Muñoz A
Agrario y alimentario
Escrito por Juan Muñoz A
el 21/11/2009 | Nivel Avanzado


Visit this site

https://www.english-online.org. Uk/exam. Htm


Tania Uriona Garcia
Master: teaching english as a foreign ...
Escrito por Tania Uriona Garcia
el 30/12/2009 | Nivel Avanzado

Have a look to these links too:

Kaplan's TOEFL Page
Information on the TOEFL test from one of the world's leading prep companies.

Kaplan's Top 10 TOEFL Tips
https://www.kaplan.com/intl/toefl/tips. Html
TOEFL advice from Kaplan Educational Centres.

TOEFL Online
The official TOEFL Web site from Educational Testing Service. Includes test dates and practice questions.

https://www.faceweb.okanagan. Bc. Ca/toefl/
Interactive TOEFL preparation site that requires Shockwave.