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N.v.p.m. (no vale la pena mencionarlo)...
Escrito por Vercold Palkha
el 23/06/2010

Oi para tudos vocês, hola a todos, hi everybody... Salut tout le monde (I don't speak Français-yet).

I'm very interested in all the "lenguajes romance/romance languages" I'm actually speak Español as my mother language, English because it's the easiest & most used worldwide, Português just because I love it & I'm on Italiano & Français right now, my methods of learning are based in observation, immitation & most important based on my intelligence & understanding using my previous aquaintance from what I've learned. By the way I'm a musician with a very deep interest on linguagems, it might be for the music, that is as well known as the universal language... I wonder what deaf-people think of this statement.

Thank you all for any that may come as an answer.