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Escrito por Stella Maris
el 11/05/2008

Creo que has entendido mal. Lo que dije exactamente es que en

Https://www.stella-dudas-ingles.blogspot. Com    yo t epuedo ayudar en todo lo que necesites con respecto a Inglés.

Un saludo


Escrito por Yomismo
el 11/05/2008

Alguien puede traducirme esto por favor? Tengo urgencia

Penny Wilson who is an experienced toe-reader, never goes out with anyone until she"s checked his toes. "I believe that our digits show the deepest secrets of our personality" commented Penny as she examined mi big toe. The "toe of destiny". She explained that my big toe, which is long, indicates that I am sociable and talkative, while its round shape shows that I am sensitive.


Fascinating stuff - but how can toe -readers know that long-toed people are chatty? How does an astrologer know that Arians like me are impulsive? Why do we believe these things? One man who asked the same questions was the psychologist BR Forer, who gave a personality test   to a group of students. The students wrote different answers. Instead, he gave them all exactly the same analysis, which he had found in a newspaper horoscope. It was similar to this:


You seen quite strong, but in fact you sometimes feel insecure. You are self-critical but you need the admiration of other people. You can be extroverted and sociable, but there are times when you are reserved. You sometimes want to change your world, and you feel dissatisfied when people restrict you.

You"ve got a lot of potential, but some of your ambitions are unrealistic.


Most of the students, who were intelligent people, said that this was a very good analysis of their character. Why did they believe it? Because they wanted to believe it, said Forer. We like to think that this type of general description applies only to us. We accept the parts which we want to believe and we ignore of misinterpret the parts which are incorrect.


So, although it"s illogical, when a toe-reader or an astrologer tells me I"m sensitive, I"m happy to agree, and I don"t notice all the things which they don"t say. Now, let"s have another look at those toes!

Escrito por Gloria
el 13/05/2008

Cordial saludo: Parece que una de dos:  entendimos mal lo de "mucha gente ayude" o la profe no se expresó correctamente, pues lo que quiso decir es que espera que muchas personas colaboremos haciendo consultas en este blog. De todos modos, ¡Muchísimas gracias Stella por tu tiempo y dedicación en pro de los estudiantes!

Escrito por Stella Maris
el 13/05/2008

Https://www.stella-dudas-ingles.blogspot. Com

Insisto, el mensaje es real, sólo quiero ayudar a todos aquellos que consulten cuestiones de Inglés, gramaticales, vocabulario, asesoramiento, fonética, todo aquello que necesiten. El blog espara eso para ayudar. Entiendo qu elas consultas de uno pueden ayudar a otros. Por eso dije que cuant amas gente entre al blog y haga comentarios o preguntas mejor para todos.

Un saludo cordial