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Escrito por Elisabet Mcmillan
el 26/01/2009 | Nivel Básico

Hi friends, here we have a new game.

Strategies for success:

. - this is a chain game with the entire students.

. - Choose a student of the group. ( this activity is a review of previous talking points).
. - It is a chance or possibility for you to practice the conversational sentences you ´ve learned.

. - Each student can send a message, a short one ( 4 or 5 lines) to a partner.

. -For avoiding repetition we´ll make a list, so the person´s name who appears in it is OUT of the game.

BUT: the person who receives the message answers it and sends it to his/her partner.

. - Don´t forget to write your name in the list.

. -FORBIDDEN: insult / sex messages / denigrate / discriminate, remember, it is a game.

. - You can: asking someone simple descriptions / personal information / answering questions / controlled-to-fre paragraph writing. , etc, etc,.

Bear in mind: these points when you write the message:

. -encourage yourself. Be creative.
. - don´t forget risk- taking and trial ans error are important in the writing process, just as you are speaking.
. - Demonstrate personal qualities: sociability, understanding, friendliness, adaptability and politeness, participation and contribution to the group efforts.

The main idea here: exploring a new language is an exciting journey for students and teachers alike. You will open new ways of meaning and understanding to effective communucation across international borders.

Please, respect your peers, thank you.

Well friends, let´s go:


Elisabet sends a message..

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Elisabet Mcmillan
Licenciatura en inglés universidad d...
Escrito por Elisabet Mcmillan
el 26/01/2009 | Nivel Básico



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el 26/01/2009 | Nivel Básico

Hi Elisabet, I also sent a message; see you.





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