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Do some yoga in India

Escrito por Nelson Foulcort
el 14 de Febrero

For the bad times I have always said that a change is good, whether it is the time you are going through your life, if you feel that things are not going very well at all, you should change something in it...

Maybe a new haircut, new friendships, change routines, change habits, take a trip maybe or start a new activity. In my case, I like to do yoga and I wanted to try something new to turn around a bit and change my perspective on life, but I want it to be based on yoga, so I am considering kavaalya. Com offers to go and accept a negotiation in which I can travel, meet India, taste their food and do yoga, taking courses of up to 300 hours... I think it's a good idea, India is a very beautiful country in spite of all its things, it will be like a redemption trip for me, to get more intimate with myself