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Escrito por Norma Gozaine
el 13/09/2008
Como puedo determinar cuando el adulto mayor padece de demencia senil o alzheimer y como deben ser los cuidados de enfermeria especificamente en el area de lar emociones?
Subject: Galactosamine pull Cytoplasm”Glycosidic linkage Attachment, Recognition, Transfer - Potenial”/ (Alzheimer) 陳亦志 / A Tran ERH-HU Co. ,LTD Product range: GLUCOSAMINE GALACTOSAMINE GLUCURONIDASE ERH-HU Co. ,LTD recommended Galactosamine This is a substance that pull internal physiology Cytoplasm cell and Nucleotide sugars to sugars that are activated, step by step provides Oligosaccharide chain and Polysaccharide chain to places where there is demand on Glycoproteins and Proteoglycans to body. That things help for the activity of enzyme transferase is instantly to transfer to adequate acceptor, and solves the inhibiting substance cell that is obstacle. Index: I. GALACTOSAMINE: Main functions and main functions with Oligosaccharide chain & Polysaccharide chain II. GALACTOSAMINE: And Nucleotide sugar relationship III. GALACTOSAMINE: Solves physiology of Cytoplasm cell which cause Hemorrhoids IV. GALACTOSAMINE: Efficiency, Usage, Conservation, Reaction All detail about price, sale method please contact: Tel: 84 62 3810768 Fax: 84 62 3810769 https://atran.plus.vn/ Mail: atran369@gmail. Com Address: Phuoc Thien Xuan St. Quarter 2, Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam

The Taiwan Minnan language in have a sentence proverb “ scalp of concrete” indicate the brain cells curing to stiffening, our the theme Demencia senil / Alzheimer.

When you find your life in, your emotions, "individualism" has turned into the strongly-when, you have to determine you already step-into the Demencia senil / Alzheimer and your the skins gradual of the change not in gloss, the limb end skin cells, nails, toenails of keratinization.

Nursing are very difficult, because emotions to the "individualistic" very strongly, it is difficult to communicate.

In my experience taking consecutive Galactosamine "Glycosidic linkages, Attachment, Recognition, Transfer - Potenial" 7 in the future began to defuse the emotions on the "individualism" and the changes the skin on have shiny, body's all behavior flexibility.

陳亦志 / A Tran

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