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Biomecánica deportiva

Sonora, México
Escrito por Angel Bertho
el 02/02/2006

I am a teacher of biomechanics of spots, I like to change information and diferent exprience abot this activite and, I want to know, diferente person that work in this area, Because I work at the university teaching this course and anther material relations whith

Escrito por Marta Barragán Moreno
el 02/02/2006

I'm currently involved in the development of a vision machine for sportive applications. My usual work is machine vision but I'm absolutely new at this kind of applications.

I never thought I could find a person with expertise in biomechanics at an English forum.

I'm at the beginning of the project, it is: defining the kind of cameras and lighting, and I have lots of doubts about speed (sampling rate) and resolution needed to catch the movement with reliability.