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Automation Techniques for FL Studio

Escrito por Alessia Martine
el 11/11/2020

FL Studio is widely popular as one of the most flexible digital audio workstation software. Be it syncing loops to tempo, drum programming, or creating an automation clip, it does a great job on its part. If you want FL Studio to work more effectively, you need to learn a few techniques. Here, you will learn about automation techniques in FL Studio. Automation techniques will help you master FL Studio. Let’s try to know how professionals use these automation techniques.

Automation Clips

Automation clips are easy to create in FL Studio. The automation feature is used when you want to apply an effect to a specific area of a track. Automation helps you decrease the sound of a particular instrument. You can create an automation clip for volume for kick, snare, and hi-hats. All you have to do is just right-click on the volume knob for the snare. As you click on it, you will find the option to create an automation clip. Just click to create an automation clip, and you will find the automation clip below. You can now set the volume for the automation clip. You can draw the shape on the automation clip to set the volume level.

Channel Automation

Channel automation is the feature that can be performed in the piano editor. Just open the Piano Roll. You will find the “Velocity” above the Piano Roll. Just click on “Note Velocity,” As you click on the “Note Velocity, you will find the option “Channel volume. ” After clicking on it, you will find waves appearing below in the Piano Roll. You can pan each and every note to make your music more heart-touching. You can give the desired shape to your music according to your choice. How effectively you automate depends on your creativity.

Single Note Editing

In FL Studio, it is possible to edit a single note. You can modify the pitch of the single note without affecting other notes on a track. To edit a single note in FL Studio, Go to the Piano Roll, and click on the "Note pan." The option appears at the top when you click above the Piano Roll. You can set the desired value for a single note and pan the note to either the right or the left.

Create Automation Clip

You can automate any loop or an audio file in just a few simple steps. Just drag the audio file in FL Studio. Right-click on the audio file, you will find the option to automate the volume for the audio clip.

The automation techniques shared above are used by professionals and can add a new flavor to your composition. We hope the techniques will help you grasp a better understanding of FL Studio.

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