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Escrito por Rolando Hernandez Rivero
el 31/01/2012

Theoretical Quantum and modern humans
And my theory in particular:

By Rolando Hernandez Rivero. Copyright © 1983, 2006, 2008.

Since long ago, I wanted to communicate my theories because I'm just a self taught, but from a young age, I began to use reason and the human quest to project their concerns, but, after discovering the 4th dimension, do not have time to a stop to explain, because it was raining ideas and had to unite and turn to understand, sort, and it took me 23 years, finished my book entitled, WILL THE COSMOS, this is in
www.outskirtspress.com, which ended in 2006 and was published in 2008, but in Castilian, not to master the English language, and the second is titled, POSTULATE 9 dimensions, is to improve the explanation of what is in the first and this is in,www.casaeolo.com, but because of the economy, I could not translate into other languages, I have not sold, but I only worry that humanity can get all my theories, and to rank them so that they can
serve, at some point in our lives and move forward in the pursuit of knowledge and we missed in the knowledge space and time, which is responsible, not the one we have been living, braking egoic interest, and should not happen more , what happened to Galileo, although the land was a time in the center of its neighbors at the time and in short time.
He gave the church an opportunity to see them and take them as if it were a fixed, holy, should not be looking forever, and would not hear, and of course we can err, but we must learn from past mistakes, not even have the authority to kill anyone, because even our DNA when sick may become murderers, to any individual, that is why before the justice of men, are sometimes thousands of innocent, but do not use reason, for not knowing, and being constantly aware of the ignorance, of not wanting to analyze everything.
Our planet was abandoned, perhaps for some other solar system before it passed the constellation Gemini, of course, and after wandering alone and almost become a very small solar, solar system came and picked up the earth, the encounter of our solar system, was in this constellation, I wander alone for a while, as derelict, and the groove universal globe, with people and live animals, that the lack of gravity, could all become giant dinosaurs and men walked together with the modern at that time lived on earth, because they have found their footprints alongside those of dinosaurs, they disappeared because they can not with the seriousness that they imposed the new position of the solar system speed to take the land.
Living in darkness, we turned very slowly, there was life on earth, men who then discovered their skeletons major from Phoenix. Arizona, and to Nicaragua in the entire West Coast, formerly the East Coast, when the earth gave her back, is also the day lost in the Bible, and the day for the Mayans, it was 2012, bone that happened in an approximate date, and men had not then in sufficient quantities to eliminate the Spanish, remember that they were warriors who fought for their lands and their own brothers, they sacrificed humans to their warriors, their population and their enemies captured in their wars.
The Spanish, just as they pulled out their nails, could have fallen in the company of conquistadors and that is why we, the indigenous Mayan resistance would not do in their buildings, because they had not warriors, only looked forward to his God and believed they were the Spanish.
It also says nothing of the templates that were discovered, and which explains a heart operation and a cesarean section and carbon-14 dating from more than 150 million years, all those secrets, if they are not communicated to humanity , keeps them in veils of illiteracy, that is not going to be more or less faithful, it's going to live in the reality of our space and time, but we ourselves, hiding the truth, we analfabetizandolos, incurring lies in a more than 2 000 years, we wanted to hide, and we started these doctrines, after Hermes Trismejistos, wanted to teach that knowledge to obtain more knowledge, but those interested in maintaining a veil of truth, the teachings of Hermes Trismejistos is became tight and only the manipulators have the knowledge to deceive and control, which did not have to control, guide and improve only with wisdom.
Let's start because we want more of the past, but most of the present and future, that, after making the first future, what has happened, you have the option to upgrade or improve (other than explanation), only repeated, but we are investigating by and for humanity itself, and it is my interest that my theories and analyze after a long argument, then draw their own conclusions and compare with their studies itself is to see if my theories can be used by the scientific world, although I do not understand, is the why? Confuse to theoretical physics, with exact, if supposedly, physicists make theories and then make them exact, although empirical physics can never be proved and is not necessary in any equation, although I draw on the equation of Albert Einstein and Max Planck table, which are the most perfect, that the human mind has been
I believe, dear physical, that all this data and then make them think and did not answer, until the intellect of yours, has accomplished all the possibilities and insights, and then if they do not understand something, they can communicate with me, although it would be a great honor for me, to express and you gave me the honor to make a general check of these theories and make constructive criticism, after we're also trying to achieve, which is proliferating knowledge to humanity and work for it and its progress.
Some universities have asked me to translate my book, and have not received any answer, and I wanted to conferences, but I could not teachers and physical contact, or have no time to listen, and later put only the key points if anyone wants a detailed explanation, please let me know, we have translation systems can lose details can also get my emails later, but it is my intention to make me believe intelligent, or impose my theories, creeds and exhibits only I want to participate in human knowledge and put it some granite in the search, and how best? , Which I theorized;

1 The infinite, to the energy consumption, which makes the creation, to exist, can not happen, the economy of their energy is exhausted in the first few seconds of your mad dash toward the infinite, would endanger his life and everything he was born, it would be frizzy, at the right moment of time and space, and what it achieves, born, never die, but neither could never grow. It's like...

2 The big bang, and self-sustained chain, burn, until the ultimate form of power for self-sustained chain reaction, weakening the power and consumer, as in the cosmos, happen in the macro cosmos, and the micro cosmos, and the absence of the 4th dimension, everything will be accomplished by the big bang, which is why it is impossible, the existence of this principle, we could accept a mini-bang, all areas of creation, are isolated for any accident creation is intelligent and is a miracle that it exists and works, the areas are isolated by size and format, and is not to perish, nothing more than the area of ​​ natural or manmade incident, being isolated, it could only lose an area, because in a big bang, all would be lost and there would be absolutely nothing, not even a soup, to assist in, or was born something, because if left, would have to accept

3 In the creation, in quantum mechanics, there are several forms of assertionparticles, a particle can be separated in 2, 4, 6, 8, or areas at the same time, like when you share the pizza slices, mark a ball in various parts, or a melon or watermelon is short for many and may be feeding on the quantum energy at the same time as the melon when it comes to what we like, like a plant, can have bunches of grapes, cherries, bananas, will be difficult to find, but the most common are particles that contain within them many times and spaces, in the same space and at the same time, although spaces are more limited and smaller, but in their tiny forms, are, and appear to be in another space and at another time, this is the relativity, that where accidents could be a disharmony and movements impossible
there may be contradictions, different spaces and different times and this is what forms the backbone of the creation, or construction of such immense dice and each die of it, seeing not, from the cosmos, but from their cosmos, apparently, as a single first stone in the creation, but,these gaps and these nuclei will be similar to a grape with a dark and protecting pressure inside the balloon, apparently a solitary point, within an infinite imitable, permit, they are the dice, in a way, strengthening and training the creation, as a backbone, with critical areas, space, time, mechanical protecting, noise, shock, vibration, illumination dangerous for micro micro worlds or creations chain, which is why I sought a place where more could be These chains, where we could find, much easier than elsewhere,
which are forwarded, these sequences amazing, like roads, with an unexpected ending, and a street that crosses to the left or right, up or down, made of huge spaces and nuclei, which named poly core universes or universes, forming microcosm, and other micro cosmos within, bone inside each other, form a cushion and protection possibilities unimaginable, even to our mind fresh, these isolated areas such immense distances, does not allow a big bang , accidental, nor are fired or superchorros suns, and moredifficult even to some entity could lead to the largest atomic explosion can be created, could never destroy so vast and so well studied laboratory, and these areas, with their reports could not feed any infinitely subtle, this closed circuit, allows the 4th dimension, which is responsible for isolating all
areas in the creation, so that there can be no accident, natural or artificial, or pass into other areas such disasters, which is why a self-sustained explosion, could never ending creation, which are billions of universes, and not one as previously thought.
But we should study the Why? The creation, perfection using every empty forms, like hives, with a subtle material, but its usage, so strong at a time, and isolated it, for if any of its zones appear destructive ways, as acids, fires, so we could accept a mini-bang, or hogs, perhaps to encourage science fiction, but the darkness reigns, and it is because he wanted his greatness, were more defined, like an infinity, and that was not in sight of predators eyes

4 Creating and their areas, make a single working perfect, thanks to the strings, there is a virtual world, which is where the creation is born and then comes the real world, one is soft and the other has the property of hardening what you need in your job harmonic be tough, but these strings are in the virtual, as they are made up of thousands and millions of frequencies, in one of its tentacles, which is why we are no knots or hinder each other when they cross each other, and by them is that there is harmony in the universe, these energy sources that make each string isequal and identical to the frequencies now used for a unit of radio, television or telephone, satellite and the long distances that we can get the information from these satellites, these frequencies are in every body we call real, although it they exist virtual
frequencies, soft forms, in real hard and as I said earlier, for their job functions. What controls the strings, named Ocosmos and not fixed to anything, it moves anywhere you want, either to the micro, the cosmos, macro or others that are intertwined with their control or matrix, many will call in different ways, man by his ignorance and admiration for the miracle of life, gave thanks, giving, different forms of expression and admiration, for allowing them to live, and joined their appreciation to their different languages
​​ and religions, but if there was a radio or communication in that time and all had communicated, they would have agreed to put them one name, thank goodness you make a cult out of respect and admiration to so great and beautiful lab, which covers all the sciences , but many not understanding, mix it with hatred, and discuss what
same as they are talking about their quality, but they become deaf, for the fact of wanting to have their reason victorious, but it's the same reason, others in science, and to avoid those moments of lust misunderstood desire to win, and a desire to follow exalting, just call, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Architect of the Universe, Creation, Creator, or asI keep the tradition in my education taught me, God.

5 Thanks to the training of creation, and their varied structures, also their self development and perfection, there are many areas and repair circuits that galaxies and other areas, destroying these galaxies, there are parallel pockets, inside the balloons communicating or communicating universes, and may some day see poly universes, which are the only ones to see dark holes are connected by tunnels tunivers or universes, communicating, each other in the poly universes and is the same in the nucleólouniversos which are those that contain poly universes.

6 I can explain why the super jets happen? And as exotic galaxy works.

7 How to be the cloudiness of these galaxies and solar systems?

8 How does part of the sun, and why we know that this upside down?

9 Like the earth, if you have a globe at home and veer to the planet or globe the continents appear to look like water droplets, and their positions were reversed dictate that this will see a great imbalance in the surface planet, thanks to the forces of the orbit, is that still remains, but if I had a short circuit orbits with each other, (something almost impossible), or the weight of drag, orbital force exhausted, it will give around and stay with the old imaginary axis that she had, or would fit where everything did balance, these formations Gothic, named him "EFFECT Gothic" of the planets, are more likely to occur in aqueous planets, which in the dry unless they are wet and show mostly the surface, as if dry. We still did not know, but the Egyptians, yes, and watched as the sphinx or lion, stare
to the other side, now the sun rises in the east, but before, and its beginning and after the solar system was to land, went to the west and it also explains the high position of Egypt and Lower Egypt, and as the neighboring country, which was previously above them, also rivers dictate the previous position, then any canal built later, would be equal in its current direction and cyclones that always goes to where they fall, as the ozone layer is more open at the top and narrower at the bottom, just as the heat of the planet, gives you where you are going to turn up the heat, and where it is cooler, in the same way that seeing the difference in heat of the sun, will see their true position, the heat we could indicate the true position in the universal globe, and many points that indicate the position of our planet.

10 As it happens, the tsunami and where more is produced, which is below the height of India and Australia, these costs should be quite high and only where the beaches are so many floods occur, and drag all the waves of tsunamis reach the coast only to have his face to the full extent of the seas of those places and the extent of these frequencies or waves, this happens when changing direction the solar system with abrupt movements, lack of stability and dynamism, and breaks the crust of the earth's core and makes steam, the steam bubbles to the water that boiled and these bubbles rise to the surface, where it was before an imaginary axis and causes the waves to rise to more than 11 meters, depending on how you allow gravity to rise.

11 The 4th dimension has not yet accepted the humanity, because they have not wanted to analyze themselves, when they get a puncture on a finger of one foot, if you calculate that there are huge distances from one feet to the place of the puncture receptor as the speed reaches the pinch, and its size and depth that exists within your body and to its center, it would be much easier, but the table from Max Planck, superficially, that is why I added 3 positions at each end of the table of Planck, where he lay, the macro cosmos, its distance, the cosmos and its limits and the microcosm, where maybe we could learn from it and understand it, in the same way, the manufacturers of hard drives, they were wrong and are putting their skills values ​​ upside down, have to put them into the microcosm and the macrocosm are making toward, but I have long wanted
communicate it, because, although they do not understand quantum mechanics.

12 Most of these theories are empirical and can not be demonstrated, but only the fact of using logic, with more confidence could delve into this, I hope to get some time.

13 They must further study the atoms and their families, and as to their duties and work, we should note that this is indeed the Higgs Bosson, there are a large family, in microcosm, as in the macro cosmos and may be seen differently by the unbalanced position from the point of view of our format or size, but look at the separation that has the chemistry and physics have caused more confusion, but if there is chemistry, physically can not happen, the atoms are only those who have created order in different formations and may be the God particle, others are energies or bridges of micro cosmos, cosmos, macrocosm in energy, but atoms are those that can complement other bodies, and even the components of the neutrons and protons, Qd, or, What, make a quantum difference, these are only a thin layer, like a
onion, where the energies are accumulated as our car battery, which keeps the load to turn on and power off, these balls are a form and amount ofenergies, amounts or quanta, but these are emptied right on time, or the cycle that has the atom, and return to recover their energy charges, therefore, from this parameter, the rest energy will be training for a rapid and sudden shock, which is like a quark, or photon, pointing out its life cycle, and the photon, only viéndosele, with only the influence of magnetism, but when the stored energy is discharged, it may fail to see these bodies, they become invisible and even the lighter atoms would cease to be, but does not disintegrate, but save your invisibility training or even strangers would form groups, such as nuclear explosions, as
happens, they do not find antimatter, because only activated when turning energy into matter, and being in the real drive, memory harmonica all orders disappear and this field becomes anti matter, destroying the entire structure work and become soft through his own material, which becomes a kind of cancer, which is for the fleshy body of the animalsrational and irrational, on the opposite side, and soft matter, this behavior is reversed, soft bodies are ordered to break down and the same soft material, it becomes a matter and anti soft or gelatinous body, it hardens and ceases to exist, thanks to the strings of creation, this information is received by virtual hand or frequencies, reversing their roles and their work.

14 The next atom to discover, is like a belt, long, which joins the end of your destination, this is what I have analyzed and empirically unprovable, but their job functions, you must have the same characteristics within this belt or layer, protons and neutrons are so long and elongated in the same way, but circulating around the elongated protons and neutrons, and without a nucleus, the electron is found.

15 The space and time may be altered, provided that they know their cycles, they have their flexible areas, such as gases, which are set out or expand, and imagine a carpet, that appointed him "EFFECT CARPET" where you can wrap it, because it is collected or expandable, and shrinks or expands in a building or area to which name, "INFIMONA" where everything takes on the exact format and the creation needs, we have seen satellite that there is another wall of China, under the current means that in this format and we are on two occasions, which follow the creative system where we go, but we have also discovered a very tiny motor and I think at that time we had enough technology to do so, just as now with the nanobots, but if we find signs of hammers and pieces the size of a human being, supposedly in that format or size, then
we indicate the size of the people who were at that time and small space through which pass our area, as well as we could find human skeletons of giants, and that affects not only the severity butthe creative system, takes us inside the infimona, molding sizes, and saw the skeletons of men of more than 8 feet wide was discovered, now west of America, from Phoenix and to Nicaragua, this change of formats and sizes, it is with the performance of the temperatures, the molecules and atoms, more focus and unite their critical areas, where temperatures drop to zero degrees and expand, its critical areas, where higher levels influence this heat, this change in format, allows the micro cosmos to macro cosmos fit, having multiplicity, in an amount in which these cones are completing a circle, and is where it all fits together, since
form two cones of two macrocosm, two microcosm or macrocosm three, three and three microcosm cosmos, and so on, are being made in multiplicity, the cones or dividers of the 4th dimension, which in the end, when understood, is indeed the first, and becomes the 4th D, 1st D, because that's where it is and the other dimensions are, indeed, this would take the 1st D, and the former the 1st D, serious, 2nd D, and the 2nd oldest, 3rd seriousD, but the 4th D, would be the old, 3rd.

16 All theories must first be separated in order to understand them and understand their individual mechanism but you do see unity and truth, the uniqueness in them, and after seeing them together, is that you can fully understand.

17 As the creation of gigantic form, where we can not give a return in seconds, would be very difficult to prove that our visual lines are actually a long and deep curves, which mimic an infinite, but these curves allow for maximum control their energies achieved, and all sets of created beings within them, are mobile enough energy produced to keep each other in the creation and in an amplified string constant energy and increasing its power in each filter and each use, its multiplicity. This view of finitude, that is for everything to protect the creation, on its borders, but we are on and in poly universes and universes nucleolus, bone inside each other at a distance immeasurably accepted, we can find in the columns of the creation , a creation extremely multiplied, because that is how
his existentialism, the more creatures, planets, systems or galaxies, more people, more energy, more ways to get the energy it can not be dismissed, if it has an appropriate use for the creation.

18 Within this microcosm and macrocosm cosmos, there are the same speed of light, but these areas, being of different sizes and formats themselves are faster, one inside the other, and break their own speed, and could compare with the smallest infection in the microscope, running at 300K k / sec and a distance table Max Planck 10-33, running at the same speed, but in the cosmos, we will see the light, running the same speed his measure, but the macrocosm is 300K at a rate k / sec, and a distance of Max Planck table 10 33, while that of the microcosm, only advance to 10-33, the cosmos visibility would be 0 for us in the macro cosmos would be 10 33. We may see in such a tiny distance that a photon, at its best and quickest expression, but we could not see the macrocosm, we should have a sensor that
hated each as often happens in the macrocosm, the universe and the microcosm.

19 The space and time, for its triangular shape, is that it has an incredibly wide scale relativity, and the way of creation into a ball, is that she will always have exactly the reduction of space and time or the expansion that space and time.

20 And we present a fairly complete theory, but without equations, because the mathematics are so accurate that their opposition is always alert to confuse us, that is why I could never equation, break down many different points and in turn, and with such a unifying different characteristics, even less, without knowing their modus operandi and work, but if we knew that the creation took the numbers and put a mirror, and these numbers were floating, half and half between the virtual and real,, (0, this in front of the 9), (1, at 8), (2, at 7), (3, would look up at 6) and (4, would be compared to 5) its real part is from the 0, and its center is 4, while in the virtual part, remained from the center to 5 and 9, which is why physical theories are just theories, but are not required to be expressed by equations Instead, the opposite happens when the
theory and contains an equation, so that physics is correct, but remember our ancestors, who were describing their physical theories were not qualified, nor hadsomeone who graduated, only gave them instructions so they could use their knowledge, there are still people with a little wisdom and perhaps can not read or write.

21 But many things can serve humanity as theories, for example, laws and social formations, which are still totally inappropriate criticism for appointing an intelligent civilization and humanity but now this past illnesses, which do not allow accept their lack of knowledge, and they do not realize it, also do not allow illiterate society free from ideas, and all end with ism and extremism, religious, political, economic and social, and never fix anything or meet intelligence that should be our people, is like a pandemic, which has divided mankind into parties and neutralize us realize that the more intelligent is the world's population, the better will be our destination, the better the story will be written , but the guides we accept in these sciences, religions, societies, economies and politics, are full of hate
and envy, desire of pocketing pockets with powers, and others spend so much we think our ancestors built beautiful and huge buildings, they could with the knowledge that proved to be human sacrificers, lesseven today, they have the same responsibility towards creation, and to our fellow humans who love and love, clever name or appoint them. Genetics is a pandemic, as well as many diseases that come from a time and are recorded and programmed into the genes in their DNA, as medicine to discover how to repair and rebalance genes to DNA, then we can get rid of the burden masochistic of companies have no reason to be and they are only used by dictators and abusers.

22 That is why I invite you to learn the behavior that demonstrates the creation in its harmonious functioning and constant critical areas, (we are elementary for the creation, coming up with our movements, the necessary energy to everything that surrounds us , work). The critical areas are controlled by space and time, these critical areas, allow two stars or celestial bodies are to each other, and this individual permit orbiting keep pace laps, almost different from their pair or couple, as example, the moon and the earth, one is standing and not necessarily have to rotate on its axis, because its magnetism is even, the Moon or speck of dust giant is only under the influence of large static forces, which maintains the land to space, but allows it to be accurate and not lose his speed, but in this case, the moon, other moons, are a drag on
solar system, the relativity of critical areas, are the distances that separate the earth from the sun, allowing Venus has another gear, and Mercury another, although they are more compressed as gases because there is more cold, or if it were expanded contrast and heat them away again, even their critical areas have a huge space and cycles would be of different speeds. But nevertheless, the space collapses at the same time and watch it disappear, if the distances are vast and cover velocities, cover and destroy the time unknowingly, that is the relativity of time, and they are there, but they are overshadowed and inadvertently not exist, the enormous speed to be in space, but if the speed decreases, where space is equal to the time, then reappears time, but always collapsed space of time, in our cosmos, but if is in the microcosm, multiply the space
time and space we will prevail, (our eyes), but not when we were in the microcosm or macrocosm, and everything contrary to our form and size, the macro cosmos, you'll see from there, to prevail over time space, because we see more time in space so infinitesimal, but I say that being in those places really can not see the changes that occur in space and time, in our visual on these parameters, but if from here we can see how the space is opaque and confusing time, and on the contrary, we would see the merging time into space and disappear into space, everything is fromwhere we can observe, if we go with our ship and our format, the microcosm, only a fraction of a second cover from one end to another a microcosm, but in the macrocosm, if we with our ships and our fastest same size only
space would walk a micron to 1 billion years.

23 The soles are just more giant planets that are doing their job as resistors in electronics, but with a big load memory, they accumulate a lot of energy, and can fail, or too little energy, can last time, while receiving energies of the planets that surround them, but if they were the masterminds of the big bang, then why not take place other big bang, the earth was about to be a mini sun, what happened was of the solar system came and picked it up, that's what saved us, not to make our territory a little sun and some small asteroids that were round, is the only way the planet to become the sun, while others Ptolemy's family, found also, and perhaps heard comments that the sun was on one side and land in the center, because at that time was preparing to collect
Sun to Earth, but these changes were perhaps sudden to one side of the earth or not felt in parts of the planet, (these parties could, in wetlands, which absorb sudden movements toward the side andabove, or in deserts, where every grain of sand absorbs sudden movements), then fell as a precedent in the history and everything was thought that the creation or God, he did so as an independent purpose of the creator, and is perhaps a way to save the inhabitants at that time carrying them and they were dinosaurs, tiny animals that were previously out of control by the immense lack of gravity, which varies on the planet, depending on the movement and intensity, which making power and is stimulated by the dynamic speed kept on turning on its axis or orbit around the sun, then I would explain how the sun in more detail, as it moves,
it is now the intense cold, and like the other planets, could have the same heat as the earth and have life on their bodies, but even the solar system is checked with a layer of dust spots, which he named, " GEROPER "that adhere completely to the solar system and its magnetic mantle, which serves to eliminate friction, to keep the ozone layer as swollen and escape into the cold universe in which we crossed, and this is, which covers tothat the planets do not have these severe winters. Geroper layer helps the heat of the sun and wind, hot reach the ends of the coils and drive the solar system at high speed cruise the sun remains, but with these speeds, he had to decline for lack of capacity dynamic, and enlarge their spirals, which were once two and now three, in groups of 4 planets each, if the layer was geroper
intact, we might say that if you have excess heat, but we currently have very cold, because when the land is before the sun, it is protected and why there are huge snow, now if that layer, we can see, in each solar system and galaxies, was well, then all the planets in our solar system may have its layers of ozone and its varied forms of life, hopefully one day and see recover repair the ozone layer, these are rather easy to re- raise and train, and have the same form of self-created, as is the 4th dimension.