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Corset Making: Pinning Your Panels Accurately
Yes, this is over 6 minutes of just talking about PINS. Pin every 1/2 inch along your sewing line, and pin even more (every 1/4 inch or so) when you are goin...
de 2 miembros
Corset Making: Stitch in the Ditch
After basting in your waist tape, flip the corset right-side out and stitch in the ditches (within the seams) to align and secure your fashion, core and lini...
de 2 miembros
Corset Making: Inserting Waist-Tape (invisible method)
Waist tape (aka stay tape) is a strong piece of non-stretch tape or ribbon that is placed around the point of the most stress on the corset - the smallest pa...
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