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Learning English - Lesson Fifty One (Giving Your Opinion)

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Fecha: el 02/01/2011 Categoria: General Reproducciones: 240
In this lesson we look at giving your opinion. Opinar

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Alberto Trigo...
Badajoz, España
Escrito por Alberto el 04/01/2011
I'm really glad you all liked it! Mr. Duncan is a very well-known teacher on Youtube. You can follow his lessons by forwarding to his channel. He's got two channels. You can ask your doubts on one of them. Their lessons are mainly aimed at (upper) intermediate level students.
Hope it was usefull!
See you soon.
Graciela Cont...
Buenos Aires, Argent...
Escrito por graciela el 04/01/2011
It was very interesting y hope next lesson
Gentzane Frej...
Vizcaya, España
Escrito por gentzane el 03/01/2011
Hi¡¡¡ Thank you very much Alberto. The video is the best that I have ever seen. Super gráfico, interesting, vocabulary and very simple to explain. Me ha encantado
Juan Carlos A...
Hidalgo, México
Escrito por juan carlos el 03/01/2011