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Happy Birthday Jesus
I want to share this special feeling with the Christian World
de 7 miembros
American and British
de 1 miembro
Merry Christmas
Hi Friends. This is a picture to wish you the best in these special days. The birth of our Jesus Christ. Remember the real meaning! (If you don't agree,
de 12 miembros
The 33 miners
Congratulations to those 33 men. They did it thanks God.
de 1 miembro
HE is not just to give us!
This picture is to remember God is in every moment with us. (If you don't believe, respect please)
de 1 miembro
Remember in your hearts
This picture is for us to remember deeply in our hearts. (If you do not believe, please, respect us. Thanks)
de 1 miembro
Chile. Places of the Earthquake
Because of your questions, I have decided to show you a map of Chile in order to learn about the places of the earthquake. Regions: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The most
de 2 miembros
This is just to remember
de 1 miembro
Meat Cookery Methods
For people dealing with the art of cookery
de 2 miembros
Playas de Salinas (Santa Elena - Ecuador)
Sun, sand, beach and delicious seafood
de 2 miembros
Specially for people who like adventures
de 1 miembro
Passive Voice
Grammar. Puedes visualizar los pasos para transformar una oración activa a Pasiva
de 1 miembro
The diferences between a developed brain and undeveloped one
Who knows what's the difference between a developed brain and an undeveloped brain? I got already one answer that I wish to share and discuss with you..
de 1 miembro
"Entrada de mi ciudad"
Quisiera compartir con ustedes una rinconcito de mi tierra... Mi ciudad... Tartagal-Salta (Argentina) Un gusto poder compartirla con ustedes. Cariños,
de 4 miembros
Phonetic Alphabet
The phonetic symbol and a pattern to pronounce.
de 2 miembros
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