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Descripción: Adornar sandalias en bisuteria
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Style Reflections

Designer Styles + Recreated in your style (and your budget!) =

Manolo Blahnik: $995

Discount Store: $16.95

Green Paint

Beaded in Style!

Haute couture means high fashion and embellishments are always a must have. InStyle meets your style (and your budget!) as we recreate a pair of designer shoes using supplies you can easily find and afford.

Shoes with Style: Strappy Emerald City
Designed by Pamela Hawkins

Project skill level: Intermediate Time to complete project: a weekend Dimensions: varies based on shoe We're all exposed to fashion trends in different ways, whether you watch the trendy très chic models on the runway or oooh and ahh over them in your favorite store. We've certainly all found something the fashonistas have created that we would love to have. Take a simple satin shoe from a discount store (under $20), add some Swarovski crystal, delicate sterling caps, and silver lined Emerald seed beads, and you have a high fashion recipe!

Painting Materials:
1 pair Strappy shoes* Jacquard® Lumiere® --Metallic Olive Jacquard® Neoopague®--Black and Blue Loew-Cornell® #7300 Shader, Size 10 #7300 Shader, Size 6

I fell in love with the pair of strappy green Manolo Blahnik shoes pictured at right. The price tag was a little out of my range, but I thought, why can't I recreate the look? So follow along with me by taking a photo or clipping of your fashion piece and heading off to your favorite bead store. It is not hard to substitute similar materials to recreate your dream piece.

Beading Materials:
1 hank Size 15/0 transparent silverlined Rocailles--emerald green Size B Nymo--black 35 6mm Swarovski® diamond-shaped crystals--emerald AB 35 Bead caps to fit 6mm bead--sterling silver 2 8mm Jump rings-- silver 2 Small double wire fish hook clasps-- silver

Design Tips:
Take a clipping or photo when shopping to find the best

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