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Patente de Stanley Meyer Sistema de electrolisis de alta frecuencia

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Fecha: el 20/01/2011
Categoria: General
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Descripción: Espero que este documento sirva para estudiar la tecnología
Resumen (Extraido del documento):
The Birth of New Technology

Water Fuel Cell Technical Brief

Explaining the Hydrogen Fracturing Process on how to use water asa new fuel-source

" Meets All Energy Needs "


The Birth of New Technology

Notice of Technology All Rights Reserved Printed in the United States of America. Except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or review, no part of this WFC technical brief may be reproduce in any fonn or by any means, or stored in a databank or retrieval system without express written permission of inventor, Stanley A. Meyer. For Written approval, fax (614) 871-8075 or send request to 3792 Broadway, Grove City, Ohio 43123.

National Security Laws

Foreign Grant License

Patent security is enforced by The u.s. Government has alNational Security Laws of each lowed the WFC technology to go participating country. Do "not" forward into the international make, sell, or utilize a patented market place by issuing foreign process and/or device without grant license No. 492680 issued inventor written consent and ap- July 10, 1989 and foreign grant proval. International patent and license No. 490606 issued Nov. copyright laws mandate the same 15, 1989 to Inventor, Stanley A. Meyer, as so specified and re"usage" restrictions. quired under the Patent CooperaInformation pn;sented in this tion Treaty (PCT) Act. Heavy manual is not to be used for fines and imprisonment are levied manufacturing purposes. on anyone who falsely claims to have participated in the devel**************** opment of a invention. Under the PCT Act, a Declaration of Oath All graphic illustrations were cremust be signed, certified, and ated and registered under interregistered prior to the filing of national UCC copyright laws by any PCT patent application. Stanley A. Meyer.


All publishing rights reserved by Inventor, Stanley A. Meyer, under international UCC copyright laws.


Copyright © 1995 By Stanley A. Meyer ©
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