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Manual de servicio fototerapia OHMEDA BILIBLANKET

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Fecha: el 29/09/2010
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Descripción: Manual de servicio fototerapia OHMEDA BILIBLANKET
Resumen (Extraido del documento):
BiliBlanket® Plus High Output Phototherapy System
Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual

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tor Phot othe rapy


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Low h Me diu 15 High m +3.7 25 + 5 uW 35 +6.25 /cm2 8.7 uW/cm /nm 5 uW 2 /cm2/nm /nm

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User Responsibility
This Product will perform in conformity with the description thereof contained in this operating manual and accompanying labels and/or inserts, when assembled, operated, maintained and repaired in accordance with the instructions provided. This Product must be checked periodically. A defective Product should not be used. Parts that are broken, missing, plainly worn, distorted or contaminated should be replaced immediately. Should such repair or replacement become necessary, Ohmeda Medical recommends that a telephone or written request for service advice be made to the nearest Ohmeda Medical Regional Service Center. This Product or any of its parts should not be repaired other than in accordance with written instructions provided by Ohmeda Medical and by Ohmeda Medical trained personnel. The Product must not be altered without Ohmeda Medical's prior written approval. The user of this Product shall have the sole responsibility for any malfunction which results from improper use, faulty maintenance, improper repair, damage or alteration by anyone other than Ohmeda Medical.


w US Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed medical


Ohmeda Medical has declared that this product conforms with the European Council Directive 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive when it is used in accordance with the instructions provided in the Operation and Maintenance Manual.

This symbol indicates that the waste of electrical and electronic equipment must not be disposed as unsorted municipal waste and must be collected
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