Manual de Rendimiento Excavadoras Volvo Serie "B"

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Introduction Cycle time estimation Production estimation Cost calculation Appendix-Material property Appendix-Bucket capacity rating Appendix-Digging force calculation 4 5 8 10 13 17 18


This manual is intended as an aid for planners, estimators and machine owners in forecasting the cycle time, production and cost for performing bulk movement of materials with Volvo excavators. The results gained by using the manual can be regarded as fully reliable, provided that the nature of the ground and other factors are correctly evaluated and that the operator is of normal competence. Since working conditions vary so widely between different operating sites, it has not been possible to take into account all the factors affecting performance and cost; therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for any differences that may arise between calculations and actual results. To make proper use of this manual, a certain amount of experience in the planning of bulk movement of materials, time studies and technical terms occurring in the business are necessary. Metric units of measure are in normal type, followed by U.S. units of measure in bold type face.


Cycle time estimation
Cycle time estimation
The excavator cycle time is the total time required to fill a bucket, swing loaded, dump bucket and swing empty to the digging position. The cycle time is mainly dependent on the excavation class (material to be moved) and the loading position to the hauling equipment.

Excavation Classes
Clearly, the performance of an excavator will depend on the kinds of material to be excavated. The harder or tougher the material, the longer it takes to fill the bucket and the longer it takes to perform the cycle. Categorizing different ground conditions is not easy, and everyone will have their own opinions on the matter. Nevertheless, it is useful to communicate the degree of difficulty in filling the bucket. Excavation

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Manual de Rendimiento Excavadoras Volvo Serie "B
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Manual de Rendimiento Maquinaria Volvo
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