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Descripción: Este es un sencillo librero de tipo vertical para esos espacios reducido tan comunes hoy en dia Saludos
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Plans N O W
w w w. p l a n s n o w. c o m


ho couldn't use a little more storage space around their home? Especially when you don't have to sacrifice a lot of floor space to get it. That's the idea behind the simple design of this tower bookcase. It takes up less than two square feet of floor space because everything is stored vertically. Yet the six shelves (four of them adjustable) can store or display a variety of items. FEATURES. One neat thing about the adjustable shelves is how they're held in the case. Dowel pins fit into grooves on the ends of the shelves. So when the shelves are installed, the dowel pins are completely hidden. There are a couple of other features I like about this bookcase. First of all, it's mobile. The compact size and light weight make it easy to move the bookcase anywhere extra storage space is needed. Second, this is an easy project to customize to fit your needs. Need a plant stand or just a shorter bookcase with a solid top? In the Designer's Notebook on pages 7 and 8 you'll learn how to make it shorter and build three different designs for the top. JOINERY. No matter whether you build the tall or the short version of this bookcase, tongue and groove joints are all that are needed to hold the case together. And building the top and bottom molding and attaching them to the case is just as straightforward. WOOD. I built the sides and shelves of this bookcase from 3/4" cherry plywood (one 4x8 sheet is more than enough for these parts). The back of the bookcase is made from a half sheet of 1/4" cherry plywood. The sides and shelves are all edged with solid cherry. (See the Shop Tip box with some tips on trimming the edging flush on page 4 .) FINISH. I used a deep cherr y stain for this project. Once the stain dried, I topped it off with two coats of satin polyurethane.


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