Komatsu hm 400 articulated dump truck - manual

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HM400 -1


and up

Komatsu has Operation & Maintenance Manuals written in some other languages . If a foreign language manual is necessary , contact your local distributor for availability .

Unsafe use of this machine may cause serious injury or Death. Operators and maintenance personnel must read this manual before operating or maintaining this machine . This manual should be kept near the machine for reference and periodically reviewed by all personnel who will come into contact with it .





This manual provides rules and guidelines which will help you use this machine safely and effectively. The precautions in this manual must be followed at all times when performing operation and maintenance. Most accidents are caused by the failure to follow fundamental safety rules for the operation and maintenance of machines. Accidents can be prevented by knowing beforehand conditions that may cause a hazard when performing operation and maintenance.

Operators and maintenance personnel must always do as follows before beginning operation or maintenance. Always be sure to read and understand this manual thoroughly before performing operation and maintenance. Read the safety messages given in this manual and the safety labels affixed to the machine thoroughly and be sure that you understand them fully. Keep this manual in the storage location for the operation and maintenance manual given below, and have all personnel read it periodically. If this manual has been lost or has become dirty and cannot be read, request a replacement manual immediately from Komatsu or your Komatsu distributor. If you sell the machine, be sure to give this manual to the new owners together with the machine. Komatsu delivers machines that comply with all applicable regulations and standards of the country to which it has been shipped. If this machine has been purchased in another

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