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Efecctos con particle flow_parte_1

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efecctos con particle flow_parte_1

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Tutorial con particle flow si les interesa subire la segunda parte Resumen (Extraido del documento):

Preface How to use this book Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Introduction Blowing Leaves Asteroid Beneath The Surface Machine Gun Energy Blast Insects Explosion The Chase Liquid Metal Army of War Stopping Time Across The Field Atomic Bomb: Giant Mushroom Atomic Bomb: Total Destruction Bullet Time Twister Misille Human Torch Splitting The Ocean Supernova Blooming Flowers From Dust to Dust Tsunami Thousand Arrows Dust Trails

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Sandman face created using particle


A lot of film use special effects these days. Sometimes we thought, how they create those amazing special effects. Mostly, special effects on those films rely heavily on particle animation. Whatever your 3d package you use, particle is the main actor on most special effects. Nicely, 3dsmax have Particle Flow, which is advanced particle system we can use with ease. Particle Flow is really powerful, and this chapter is suitable for you who don't know anything about Particle Flow. I will explain what is Particle Flow and how to use it. This introduction chapter will explains about particle in 3dsmax, including Event-Driven Particle Systems and Non Event-Driven Particle Systems.

Total Training Max: Special Effects

Event-Driven and Non Event-Driven Particle Systems
There are 2 types of particle systems in 3dsmax, one is Non Event-Driven Particle System, and the other is Event-Driven Particle System. The first mentioned is traditional particle system like Snow, Spray, SuperSpray, Blizzard, PArray, and PCloud. The second one, is also called Particle Flow or PFlow or sometimes people just say Flow, which is available since 3dsmax version 6. Event-Driven Particle System or Particle Flow has special characteristic, called Event. The `flow' or animation of particle can be divided into

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Miguel Felipe...
Antioquia, Colombia
Escrito por Miguel Felipe el 12/07/2011
Excelente lo andaba buscando muchas gracias
Fabio Escallon
Bogotá, Colombia
Escrito por fabio el 25/06/2010
Efectos con particule flow..
huy loco muy buen aporte gracias.. :D
te encargo los que faltan :D
Eduard Zavala
La Libertad, Perú
Escrito por eduard el 15/06/2010
Efectos con particle flow_parte_1
Estos son las 5 primeras escenas

Fabio Escallon
Bogotá, Colombia
Escrito por fabio el 10/06/2010
es muy bueno el tutorial.. podrias subir los archivos de los que hablan ahi? los modelados de algunas cosas.
Eduard Zavala
La Libertad, Perú
Escrito por eduard el 26/05/2010
mira estos link
aqui en estos enlaces pueden encontrar unos tutos hechos por mi sobre sistemas de particulas