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Defensa personal, centros nerviosos y puntos de presion

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Libro muy interesante, espero que les sirva. Si tienen algun problema con el archivo, me pueden escribir al mail para enviarselo directamente. Misterpatela@hotmail. Com Resumen (Extraido del documento):

guide to the most efficent use of weaponless selfdefense using the least possible force. The results of self-defense actions are described in the most accurate way possible, taking into account the factors of relative size, strength, health and emotions. Modern knowledge of physiology and anatomy is applied to this subject which has long been much obscured by myth, superstition and legend. The so-called "deadly" blows are evaluated. Fantasy and fact are separated. Appropriate body targets for practical self-defense tactics are compared with point targets used in stylized and traditional martial arts and in sport tournament matches. For the teacher and student of self-defense or of any specialty of the martial arts this book will be an important reference source.



A modern definition of self-defense is in order. One way of defining self-defense is to explain what it is not. Personal self-defense is not warfare; it is not vengeance; it is not an art; it is not a sporting event; it is not a movie or television fight scene. Self-defense is preparation to minimize the possibility of assault. It is training to learn and use appropriate and effective physical actions if there is no practical available alternative. Self-defense instruction is the beginning of a process of learning how to avoid becoming a victim. Many victims of assault are victims not because they lack the capacity to win fights but because they have been given absolutely no preparation to cope with this special kind of emergency. The old-fashioned view that self-defense instruction is training to reach a high level of fighting skill has the effect of eliminating those individuals who have the greatest need. It is precisely those people who are unable or unwilling to become fierce fighting machines who benefit from practical self-defense instruction to the greatest degree. Our capabilities ought to bear

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Jose Leonardo...
Oaxaca, México
Escrito por jose leonardo el 03/02/2011
seria bueno en español no te saltas el trabajo de traducirr
Luis Roguez
Villa Clara, Cuba
Escrito por Luis el 11/06/2010
Buen documento
En mi opinion es bueno para aprendices, aunque hice una vista rápida y parece estar incompleto al final
Irenepolo22 S...
Tarragona, España
Escrito por irenepolo22 el 20/01/2010
defensa personal,centros nerviosos y puntos de presion
muy interesante
Tomas Hermosa...
Huila, Colombia
Escrito por Tomas el 30/12/2009
Puntos vitales del cuerpo Humano
Es interesante conocer las partes vulnerables de nuestro cuerpo Humano pienso que es allí donde se deben fortalecer más para que dejen de ser vulnerables. Pienso que deben existir técnicas que permitan lograrlo.

Escrito por mario el 30/01/2009
estuvo bueno lastima que esta en ingles soy nuevo en esto espero tambien poder pasarte algun video que te sirva soy mario att.
Sergio Tronco...
Valparaiso, Chile
Escrito por sergio el 18/01/2009
en ingles :S
BUeno esta bueno pero si estuviera en español MEJOR SERIA :P