Como controlar las hormigas

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Descripción: Guia practica y muy util para el control de las hormigas.
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How to Control Ants at Home

Ants are troublesome insects because they easily adapt to different environments and foods. To control ants, first you must follow some tips that help avoid ant infestations. Then, find the nests and apply an insecticide or use an insecticide bait. You must also find and treat nests outside the house.

Control without insecticides
· Keep plants and grass away from the house foundation to reduce the number of ant nests. · Store food in a sealed container. Do not leave out food overnight. · Repair any dripping pipes or water faucets. · Fill any cracks in the foundation. Seal with caulking around doors and windows where ants might enter. · Trim trees and shrubs so they do not touch the building.

To find the nest . . .
Place a bottle cap with peanut butter or jelly to attract the ants. Then look for worker ant trails because they will lead you to the nest.

If you cannot find the nest . . .
Prepare a homemade bait with boric acid or use an insecticide bait (available in supermarkets and hardware stores).

Directions to mix bait
Choose an attractive food for the ants (jelly or peanut butter). Mix 1 teaspoon of boric acid to 1 cup of food. Do not add too much boric acid because this reduces its effectiveness. Place the bait where you have seen ants, watch and follow ants to their nest. Keep the bait fresh and moist.
*Boric acid can be poisonous to children and pets. Apply in small portions.

Once you have found the nest, treat it with an approved insecticide or spray, or use bait stations found in a grocery or hardware store. When using insecticides, always read and follow the instructions on the label.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service · The Texas A&M University System
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Cómo controlar hormigas en casa

Las hormigas son insectos molestos porque se adaptan fácilmente a diferentes ambientes y alimentos. Para controlar

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Ecuador, Ecuador
Escrito por Betty el 28/12/2009

control de hormigas
Buenisimo, muy practico lo hare y les cuento como me fue 噢可?
Ecuador, Ecuador
Escrito por Betty el 28/12/2009

Muy practico y facil, hare una prueba y les cuento como me fue ok?
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