Codigos de falla volkswagen

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codigos de falla volkswagen
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Fecha: el 17/08/2009
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Descripción: Codigos de falla vag (volkswagen) es un manual con el significado de los codigos de esa famosa marca espero les sirva
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Table of Contents
1. Safety Precautions and Warnings·············································· 1 2. Product Information 2.1 About the Code Reader ······················································· 2 2.2 Vehicle Coverage ································································· 3 2.3 Product Specifications ·························································· 3 2.4 Navigation Characters ·························································· 3 3. Operating Instructions 3.1 Reading Codes····································································· 4 3.2 Erasing Codes······································································ 6 4. Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Definitions····························· 9 5. Warranty and Service ································································ 31

1. Safety Precautions and Warnings
To prevent personal injury or damage to vehicles and/or the Code Reader, read this instruction manual first and observe the following safety precautions at a minimum whenever working on a vehicle: 1. Always perform automotive testing in a safe environment. 2. Wear safety eye protection that meets ANSI standards. 3. Keep clothing, hair, hands, tools, test equipment, etc, away from all moving or hot engine parts. 4. Operate the vehicle in a well-ventilated work area; Exhaust gases are poisonous. 5. Put blocks on drive wheels and never leave vehicle unattended while running tests. 6. Use extreme caution when working around the ignition coil, distributor cap, ignition wires and spark plugs. These components create hazardous voltages when the engine is running. 7. Put transmission in PARK (for automatic transmission) or NEUTRAL (for manual transmission) and make sure the parking break is engaged. 8. Keep a fire extinguisher suitable for gasoline/Chemical/electrical fires nearby. 9. Don't connect or disconnect any test equipment with ignition on or engine running. 10. Keep the Code Reader dry, clean and

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Valparaiso, Chile
Escrito por Jaime el 29/06/2011

Esta muy bueno y completo pero revise un codigo de falla q tiene mu vehiculo y el scaner dice exactamente lo mismo en este caso 01176 Key Fail.
Santiago, Chile
Escrito por juan andres el 29/06/2010

muy bueno.gracias
Bolivia, Bolivia
Escrito por celso el 05/12/2009

Codigos de falla vw
Una informacion muy buena gracias.
Magdalena, Colombia
Escrito por bladimir el 08/09/2009

codigos de fallas
es muy bueno gracias
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