Check List Excavadora Caterpillar

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Descripción: El checklist de excavadoras Caterpillar
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Safety & Maintenance Inspection: Excavators




What are you inspecting? FROM THE GROUND
Bucket, GET Bucket cylinder & linkage Stick Boom, Cylinders Underneath of machine Carbody Undercarriage Steps and handholds Batteries & hold downs Air filter Windshield wipers & Washers Engine coolant Radiator Hydraulic oil tank Fuel tank Fire extinguisher Lights Mirrors Overall machine

What are you looking for?
Excessive wear or damage, Cracks Excessive wear, Damage, Leaks Damage, Cracks Wear, Damage, Leaks Final drive leaks, Damage Cracks, Damage Wear, Damage, Tension Condition and cleanliness Cleanliness, Loose bolts & nuts Restriction indicator Wear, Damage, Fluid level Fluid level Fin blockage, Leaks Fluid level, Damage, Leaks Fuel level, Damage, Leaks Charge, Damage Damage Damage, Adjust for best visability Loose or missing nuts & bolts, loose guards, Cleanliness Fluid level Fluid level Cracks, Wear spots, Leaks Tightness, Wear, Cracks Trash or dirt buildup, Leaks

Evaluator Comments

Swing gear oil level Engine oil All hoses All belts Overall engine compartment

Seat Seat belt & mounting Horn, Backup alarm, Lights Overall cab interior

Adjustment Damage, Wear, Adjustment Proper function Cleanliness

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