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Embarrassing situations
Debate destacado
Creado por Marisa Carralero Rino el 24/03/2010
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Subimos este debate a la primera página, por la cantidad y valor didáctico de las respuestas. Agradecemos a todos los participantes. ...... ¡Excelente...
Actualizado por Emagister el 18 de Enero
How often do you speak English?
Creado por Juan Muñoz A el 24/03/2011
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Thanks Hernàn... I'll try to contact you!...... Juan
Actualizado por Juan el 24/04/2012
Are you a Productive Person?
Creado por Robert Cuadros el 28/02/2011
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Hi Thanks for "checking" this debate and making people to participate. That is the point of this site. Let's share knowledge and experiences! Juan...
Actualizado por Juan el 11/06/2011
Japanese people and the rest of the world!
Creado por Juan Muñoz A el 19/03/2011
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No more comments? No more to say? Then, I  close this debate. BUT thanks to all those people who participated giving their support to Japan!... Thanks a...
Actualizado por Juan el 06/06/2011
Creado por Luis Gomez Perez el 08/03/2011
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Hi Here, some visual aid http://www.learnhebrewpod.com/Declension. Asp? Type=2&ID=76#gameTop Juan...
Actualizado por Juan el 03/06/2011
The name of the book I'm reading now is...
Creado por Andrea Collados el 23/02/2010
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Hi I just want to share a personal experience with you. I had the opportunity to hear a debate from some Chilen writers. They are teachers also. They say we...
Actualizado por Juan el 27/04/2011
Listening skills 1 (Advanced English)
Creado por Juan Muñoz A el 04/02/2011
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Hi Robert:  I would like you may listen to the audio the one in the library of this group and then try to give us your comments about it according to the...
Actualizado por Juan el 27/02/2011
Waiting for your participation!
Creado por Juan Muñoz A el 25/01/2011
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I´m so sorry Juan. I´ve been very busy studiying how to be a teacher at College and I didn´t have internet till now. I try to be more participative. Sorry...
Actualizado por Yolanda el 16/02/2011
What's your favorite song in english? :)
Creado por Vero Nica el 29/01/2011
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My turn, ( hello everybody) i often change my likings. Now i would choose "The way you are " by Bruno Mars. Why? Because it's so romantic When did i hear it...
Actualizado por sam el 12/02/2011
If you can`t live in your country in what other country would you like to live
Creado por Susana Beatriz Berettq el 27/01/2011
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Hello friends!...... Hello Susana.. This is an interesting debate. If I couldn't live in my country I'd like to live in Australia....... I have a...
Actualizado por Beverly el 03/02/2011
Accuracy or fluency?
Creado por Tania Uriona Garcia el 18/07/2010
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Actualizado por Chileno el 01/02/2011
Your experience in a foreign country
Creado por Lisandra ... el 03/04/2009 | Nivel Avanzado
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Hi friends, for me  it was a wonderful experience to live in another country of english spoken.. I was living in UK. For 4 years many years ago, and it was the...
Actualizado por Elisab el 31/01/2011
Phrasal verbs
Creado por Juan Muñoz A el 27/01/2011
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Hi Claudia Never give up! I appreciate your comments!  Juan
Actualizado por Juan el 31/01/2011
Fact or opinion?
Creado por Juan Muñoz A el 14/11/2010
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Hi Some people have participated in this debate (FACT / OPINION)? I think you want to improve your English (FACT / OPINION)? But why did you choose that...?...
Actualizado por Juan el 27/01/2011
What type of music do you like?
Creado por Marta Mayans Verdera el 11/08/2010
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Hi  Marta:  Keep on improving your English. It is bit by bit. I'm sure you will do it very soon Best wishes  Juan ...
Actualizado por Juan el 14/01/2011
Hormone-treated meat?
Creado por Juan Muñoz A el 19/06/2010
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Hi Yomomma, Hi people: It's good to receive help from you in order to improve myself and at the same time to teach this to other people. Best wishes Juan...
Actualizado por Juan el 05/09/2010
¿Alguien en España ve los canales de TV BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, ITV2, Channel4, etc.?
Creado por Marcos Mutaryim el 22/08/2010
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Encontré esta página web que indica los canales británicos "en abierto" que se reciben mediante el satélite ASTRA...
Actualizado por Marcos el 22/08/2010
Have you ever seen UFO's? Are they among us?
Creado por Juan Muñoz A el 08/06/2010
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Hi, everybody!... I would like to say somenthing about this interesting topic. I,ve always believed that we are not alone ,but I,ve never seen anything strange...
Actualizado por Yolanda el 15/08/2010
Slangy Expressions: watta bout
Creado por Robert Cuadros el 12/05/2010
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Thanks for your words, Juan.
Actualizado por Robert el 17/07/2010
"Sound" and "Noise"
Creado por Robert Cuadros el 19/04/2010
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Hi Sonia:...... I like the 80's style music and also romantic music. Have you ever heard "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel?...... Regards...
Actualizado por Robert el 01/06/2010